Even It Up is a group of experienced performers that have formed one of the top Heart tributes in the United States. The band stays true to the look and sound of the original rock band with a precision that will take you back to the days when the Wilson sisters threw down some serious rock n’ roll. As tremendous Heart fans, they are passionate about bringing audiences a night of music that takes them back in time.

They're ready to rock with Heart's greatest, most popular hits - and you just might hear them pay homage to a bit of Led Zeppelin in the process. This is a band that is focused on a performance of stellar vocals and instrumentals - and no tracks are used. 


This is a tribute band that is dedicated to bringing you

true rock 'n roll.

Even It Up

the Ultimate Heart Tribute Band!  

Photo Credit: Debra Gloria Photography


Kristy Johnson


Ann Wilson


Kristy was born and raised in the Dallas area and has studied music since childhood.  She studied vocal music through elementary, middle and high school, and then went on to study vocal performance at Stephen F. Austin State University on a vocal scholarship.  Being classically trained in vocal music has helped her develop a three octave range that lends to being able to cover the powerful scope of Ann Wilson's vocals.  She's ready to wail, and the walls are gonna burn down when she steps up to the mic. 


Kristy has performed with a number of bands and projects in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, and is also the lead vocalist for the Dallas-area cover band, Burning Sky. She has a true passion for music and loves performing.  For Kristy, pulling this amazing group of musicians together to form this tribute project is a "bucket list" dream come true.  

Photo Credit:  Debra Gloria Photography


Casey Nicole


Nancy Wilson


Casey Nicole is a singer/songwriter based in Dallas, and kicks it out as Nancy Wilson in Even It Up - The Ultimate Heart Tribute Band.


Growing up in a musical family, she studied piano early on and later played percussion and bass drum in high school. During that time, she picked up acoustic guitar and started writing songs.

Casey is involved in the songwriting community and hosted a popular songwriter showcase in Dallas for 3 years with Bryan Sing. Her highly-rated debut EP, Waterfall of Feelings, was released in 2013 and is available on Amazon and iTunes.  Her second EP is currently being recorded. Casey also attended the 2017 Rock n' Roll Fantasy Camp in Los Angeles, CA, with THE REAL Nancy Wilson.  It's been the highlight of her musical journey to pay tribute to one of her biggest influences, Heart.

Photo Credit:  Ruby Scholling


Phil Scholling


Lead Guitar


Phil is originally from Shreveport, LA. He was a regular on stage starting at the age of 16 and hasn’t looked back since. His early years were spent with one of the pioneering Christian rock bands of the early 80’s, Philadelphia. The band recorded 2 records and toured the midwest and east coast in the mid 80’s. By the late 80’s he moved on to the west coast music scene of Los Angeles performing in bands and doing session work for aspiring song-writers and solo artists.


In the 90’s he relocated to the Live Music Capital of the World, Austin, TX. Over the years he has performed in many different original and cover bands playing a mix of rock, funk, blues and even a country lick or two when needed.


In 2016 Phil found himself reunited with his band mates of old in Philadelphia to record a 3rd album. Still living in Austin, he’s no stranger to the DFW music scene having performed with local artists that also happen to be good friends of ours, such as Chris Manning, Incognito and Heart Attack. 


Glenn Johnson


Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Brass


Glenn is a powerful part of Even It Up.  A multi-talented musician and vocalist, Glenn handles electric and acoustic guitar as well as keyboards.   He even gives extra punch to our set list by adding brass.  His smooth vocal timber and natural flair for harmonies add amazing dimension and texture to Even It Up.

Glenn has a long history with music and has covered everything from classical music with the Ft. Worth Youth Orchestra to extensive experience with a number of local rock bands since the 80s including Holland, Script, QSL and Rockit Science.  He also plays guitar, keyboards and vocals for the Dallas-area cover band, Burning Sky.

Photo Credit:  Gia Randazzo Photography






Pat Calabrese is originally from just outside New York City. Growing up, he had access to study with some of the best teachers in the NYC area, and was able to gain considerable experience playing in a wide variety of musical situations including jazz, musical theater, R&B and soul, progressive rock, and just about everything in between. In fact, Pat was playing in New York and New Jersey clubs before he was even old enough to be in them! 


Pat brings all these experiences to the stage with every performance behind the drums, but in his heart, he just wants to rock. Pat has played with a number of great projects (most recently, he was the drummer for "3 Drunk Monkeys") but now he is thrilled to be a member of  both Even It Up as well as the local classic to current cover band, Burning Sky.